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Pepsi Puke

August 28, 2007

Today, I had some Pepsi Summer Mix. And I really mean some: I couldn’t sip more than three distinct sips. I ended up pouring it out it was so awful.

A co-worker had bought a 12 pack on a lark (never having tasted it and displaying questionable judgement) and he suggested that we all have as much of it as we wanted. In fact, he encouraged us to drink the rest after managing to get through one can by himself (there were still 7 left when I tried it). Everyone’s been raving about how foul it was over the last week.

It’s that and so much more. We were speculating as to how this stuff not only made it out of Pepsi’s research department but into the market. My guess was that they had inadvertently melded all the taste-bud-less people from wherever the lab’s located into a single focus group. My co-worker Chris believes that the massive mixing vats were due for cleaning and in scraping out the residue of the year’s production someone had accidentally gotten carbonated water mixed in. Someone was dared to taste it and they realized that they could recover a little bit of money from this otherwise wasted gunk.

I had to concede that that was the most likely explanation. Bottom line: don’t drink it. You’ll thank me.

[UPDATE: I forgot to include a link to my other co-worker‘s opinion.]


Apple Beer

September 21, 2006

Think root beer, not beer beer. It’s very apple flavored, as you’d expect. It does have a slight sour aftertaste, but it’s not unpleasant. It’s something I’d drink again, but I wouldn’t make a special trip to pick it up.
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September 20, 2006

This one was another of the bought because of the name sodas. As Wikipedia correctly notes, the soda is pronounced “ore on zhee nuh.” As Wikipedia also notes, it could be pronounced “orn gina.” Okay, so it’s a little sophomoric but it amused me in the store. The initial taste is definitely orange juicy with a very mellow citrus aftertaste. I couldn’t imagine drinking this often, but it’s pleasant as a rare treat.
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Manhattan Special Vanilla Cream

September 19, 2006

Coming on the heels of the Waialua Vanilla Cream, this was something of a disappointment. Perhaps if I had tasted prior to that exquisite one, I might have rated this one higher. As it stands, there was no aftertaste save a hint of vanilla and the mouth feel was quite strong. It reminded me of something that I unsuccessfully attempted to recall while drinking the entire bottle. It’s very bubbly, like champagne, and maybe a little tart.
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September 18, 2006

I hesitated drinking this because I remembered that I had had it before but I couldn’t for the life of me recall my evaluation. I don’t generally like colas. Now I wish I had bought a few of them! Cheerwine is delightful: slight hint of cherry à la Dr. Pepper but not the harsh acidity of most colas. It does have the aftertaste that colas always have, but it didn’t seem as bad as others I’ve had.
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Waialua Vanilla Cream

September 18, 2006

Absolutely delicious vanilla cream soda. I enjoyed it profusely. I can’t say that Hawaiian sugar cane made the difference, but it certainly couldn’t have hurt. Light, delicate taste with no discernible aftertaste.
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Moxie Orange Cream

September 13, 2006

Orange creams are so wonderful: they remind me of 50/50 bars and summer. I could drink them all day long—if I were interested in becoming a diabetic. As it stands, they’re an occasional drink due to their sugary flavor. And this one is one of the best of the breed.
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Lorina French Berry Lemonade

September 12, 2006

I have a thing for lemonades. I’m also, for reasons that I can’t seem to introspect successfully, a Francophile. Oh, and I adore berry-flavored drinks. So this one has a lot going for it before I’ve even opened the bottle. The first sips are delightful: no aftertaste, no filminess in my mouth, and the flavor is tasty. I don’t really get the lemonade aspect, but I’ll trust Lorina that they’re not lying. The “sparkling” aspect of the lemonade is a little distracting—enough that I can’t give it five stars. (Sidenote: one of the ingredients is “grape skin extract.” What the heck is that!?)
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September 11, 2006

This is another soda I bought because of the name. I don’t know if it’s pronounced “See See” or “Sissy” or some other way entirely (it’s Dutch after all), but I prefer “Sissy” myself. It tastes like orange juice but I don’t know if there’s even anything orange in there besides coloring: vruchtensap—I think that means fruit juice—10% (8% is sinaasappelsap—I think that’s apple juice—and 2% limoensap—I think that’s lemon juice). Also, the label said “JUN.05” but I can’t tell if that’s when it was bottled, which is slightly alarming–or when it expired, which is very alarming. All in all, “enh” for the taste and “bleh” for the coating in my mouth.
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September 7, 2006

First off, any soda with instructions on how to open it (6 steps!!) is a point ahead in my book. Second, any soda whose cap is actually a marble held firmly in place by the carbonation of the soda itself is getting another point. Finally, I like oddly-shaped bottles of any sort. These things may be minor but they add to the experience and bespeak of an innovative spirit that most sodas demonstrably lack. But packaging will only get you so far in my book. It’s got a Sprite-like taste and Sprite’s one of my least favorite sodas. Add to that the fact that there’s 6.76 ounces of soda and it’s only getting 3 stars. I’d buy it again, but only because opening it was so much fun.
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