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November 22, 2008

To those of my readers who are tired of reading my political writings, have hope! I am working on a new blog where I plan to do all of my political blogging. I will then try to keep bblog focused on computers, programming, and technology.

The new blog will have a stable of Objectivist authors commenting on politics, society, and culture. I have high hopes for it. I’m still setting up the blog—look for an announcement in the next week or so.

[UPDATE (11/25/2008): My new blogging partner has broken the news about The New Clarion. I am so excited about this.]


Walking the Walk

November 1, 2008

With all of the linking I’ve been doing lately, I have noticed that it’s really hard to go directly to a particular quote or part of a much-longer essay. My pointers, therefore, often require the reader to wade through a lot of detail to get to the underlying message. “If only people would dutifully place ‘id’ attributes throughout their paragraphs, I would be able to send my reader directly to the right place,” I would think to myself.

But I don’t do anything like that. How can I expect everyone else to do it if I won’t lead by example? Good point, rhetorical question! With the last couple posts, I have added “id” attributes to each and every paragraph. So if you wanted to send someone to my post on why I voted for John McCain and specifically the part where I discuss the Republicans under an Obama presidency, you can view the HTML source and see that this link ( will take you there.

After writing that last sentence, i realize that I need to make this a little more discoverable. The first task is to put in that metadata—interested parties will find it—but then I need to make it useful to anyone.

Instapundit, I Am Not

September 30, 2008

That last entry marks the 37th post this month. This is the most frequent posting rate I’ve maintained since October 2003! I am pleased as punch by this because I love blogging and I enjoy the long format this blog provides. I cannot believe that I’ve been doing this for the last six years.

Blogging By the Numbers

January 2, 2007

After resolving to blog more, I thought it would be interesting to see how my blogging frequency stacked up in the past across all my blogs.

Blog 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Total
bblog 1 0 46 618 169 219 124 1,177
Found on the Web 0 50 116 372 518 1,243 869 3,168
Five Browns 0 0 0 120 133 273 321 847
Total: 1 50 162 1,110 820 1,735 1,314 5,192

Wow, that’s a lotta blogging. The Five Browns blog entries are approximately half or more written by my wife. All in all, though, I’ve got a pretty high bar to hurdle to match or exceed my previous output.

What’s Going On

December 18, 2006

Did you see how often I’ve been posting lately? That’s unprecedented on this blog for the last couple years! I’m going to try to keep it up; I think I was just languishing because I kept wanting to write long essays and reviews. I’ll move back to the quick little entry with the occasional substantial one interspersed.

Back Blogging?

May 9, 2006

I’ve just deployed v1.2.3 of Quick Blog and I feel relieved. I haven’t been blogging much either here or at Found on the Web because I’ve been furiously developing. It’s been a rough few weeks as deadlines passed, features morphed, and frustration flared.

Luckily, everyone here’s been really supportive and understanding. I figured I would be fired after the third deadline was missed, but that turned out to be paranoid thinking on my part. Everybody just wanted the app released in a good state and as soon as it could be. I felt very reassured and optimistic about the future.

So I will resume regular posting on both blogs pretty soon.

[UPDATE (5/22/2006): Cool, my feature has inspired some adulation.]

[The views expressed on this website/weblog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of Go Daddy Software, Inc.]

For My Future Reference

April 19, 2006

I’ve created a new category called “Soda Reviews” that will chronicle my explorations through the aisles and shelves of Pop the Soda Shop. Pop the Soda Shop is a local business that sells hundreds of varieties of soda. I’ve been going to it for years but every time I visit as a soda amnesiac—I simply can’t remember what I liked or didn’t and it inevitably ends up with me experiencing déjà-bu.

This new category and commitment of my memories to Quick Blog‘s database should help eliminate purchases of repeat offenders and insure repeat purchases of favorites. A warning: I am not a food writer and I can’t promise to bring anything to the table beyond my thoughts at first blush. My tastes are likely different than yours and I’m doing this mostly for myself.

The Newest in New

January 20, 2006

The newest version of Quick Blog is out. We deployed it yesterday afternoon and it’s got loads of new features including unlimited blogs and multiple authors. It’s version 1.1 (though we forgot to increment the version within the app itself, d’oh!) and I couldn’t be prouder of it.

You may have noticed a particularly ugly exception message on my blog yesterday. Unfortunately, something went wrong in deployment and so everyone’s blog was displaying that lovely message. Even more unfortunately, that “something” that went wrong was my fault. I thought I would have more time to fix some bad data that had gotten into the statistics, but I didn’t. And so I worked furiously for two hours to make it right.

If you were affected by it, I sincerely apologize. It won’t happen again because I’m going to make an extra effort to think through the possibilities in the future. I wasn’t careless; I just didn’t see something that was foreseeable. I’m told that I will be lashed at the next company picnic along with any other Go Daddy-o’s that caused outages. I’m pretty sure my boss was kidding.

[The views expressed on this
website/weblog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views
of Go Daddy Software, Inc.]

Archives Coming Soon

December 19, 2005

I tried importing my archives on Friday after we launched, but there was something wrong with the handling of line breaks. It’s not a tough fix, so they’ll be in there soon. It feels neat to be writing this entry in a tool I helped develop. Really, really neat.

[UPDATE (12/22/2005): Archives are back. The links are all different, but at least they’re here.]

Waiting to Move

October 19, 2005

Suffice it to say, I will be moving this blog over to the new product as soon as it’s publicly available (well, maybe a little bit before that 😉 instead of Textpattern as I had planned.