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Can’t Pull the Rug Out From Under Yourself

December 21, 2006

I found another big gotcha in .NET today. When iterating over a Hashtable, you might want to change something within that Hashtable, like say change or clear out a value. Ain’t gonna happen, buddy. Nice big runtime exception: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.

I got it the first time and I slapped my forehead—figuratively, of course, as I’m not in the habit of self-flagellation. So I did what I always do. *sigh* I got clever. I thought that I could obviate the problem by enumerating through the Hashtable.Keys collection and make my changes that-a-way.

Again, no dice. I’m not entirely sure how changing the value of a Hashtable key while looping over a collection of keys is affecting the underlying Hashtable. But I think it has something to do with the CLR iterating over the Keys collection by reference rather than by value.

The answer, after some Googling, is to split the operation into two phases: storing the keys to be changed in another collection and then looping over that second store to actually modify the values or do what-have-you. It’s decidedly not as elegant as say creating an isolating enumeration class, but I’ve got work to do.


Does Type Implement an Interface?

December 20, 2006

I’ve wasted far too much time on this issue, so I’ll make an entry for future frustrated Google searchers. You’re welcome.

If you need to see if a particular Type object implements a particular interface, it’s clear that the method IsAssignableFrom is the proper choice. But the damn thing wouldn’t work. is certainly what I was looking for. Then I found Scott Hanselman’s entry on the subject and it became obvious that I was reversing the members.

Assembly library = Assembly.LoadFrom(pathToLibrary);
Type[] allTypes = library.GetTypes();
foreach (Type type in allTypes)
if (typeof(IInterfaceToImplement).IsAssignableFrom(type))

Previously, I was doing if (type.IsAssignableFrom(typeof(IInterfaceToImplement)) and it just wasn’t doing it’s thing.

The Command Prompt

June 16, 2006

This is going to seem like yesterday’s news to my fellow Mac OS X and Unix readers, but I just got something working today that is pretty impressive in the Windows command prompt.

I love this Windows version of “grep”—I install it on every server and desktop I interact with. It’s super fast, very similar to the Unix version, and I’ve never had a single problem with it.

I was trying to use its output as input for another command. This is called “command redirection” in the Windows world and “piping” everywhere else. Sadly, the documentation on the Web about this feature of Windows is sparse. I can see why: Windows executes both commands simultaneously and if the receiving command wasn’t designed to wait for standard input then it’ll just error out. Like the “del” command, for example. Non-Windows users are welcome to snigger quietly now.

Then I found this article. This isn’t piping per se, but the idea is the same. Take the output of one command and use it in another. Once I had that, it was a simple for /f "tokens=*" %a in ('grep -l stuffIwantDeleted *.FOO') do del %a. Worked like a dream!

What’s New in 2

June 15, 2006

List of .NET 2.0 and C# 2.0 New Features: nice to have it all in one handy place.

Remastering on the Cheap

September 14, 2004

Using iTunes as an Audio Processor: I’ve got a lot of records and tapes that I want to convert to a digital format but it’s such a chore to edit out noise, cracks, and hiss from the waveform. By “such a chore” I mean that I would rather eat spackle. I did it when I recorded all of Sandi’s childhood albums onto CD, but I did that for love. Ease of listening and portability aren’t love, let me tell you.

Lesser of Two Evils 2004

September 13, 2004

For my future reference, C-SPAN’s 2004 presidential coverage sans spin.


August 15, 2004

Favicon from Picture: for my future reference. {via}

Big Ass Scanner

August 5, 2004

For my future reference, the Mustek ScanExpress A3 USB Scanner can scan up to 11.7″ x 22″. For when you just need to scan in something really big.

Copyright Is Alright By Me

July 13, 2004

For my future reference, Cornell Training Programs on Copyright.

[UPDATE (7/15/04): More good resources: Project Gutenberg’s Copyright Clearance, UPenn’s Online Books Copyright FAQ and Copyright Renewal FAQ.]

Photoshop Tips and Tutorials

July 2, 2004

For my future reference: Photoshop Elements Tutorials and Photoshop Elements for the Web.