Hostile Work Environments

And this is the kind of asshole that I had to put up with at my last job—he’s a testament to making snap decisions in job interviews. I sure wish this had come out six months ago.

[UPDATE: The aforementioned asshole restricted access to his blog, presumably so that the link above wouldn’t work. I wish I had copied the text so his rudeness would be preserved for posterity. C’est la vie!]

[UPDATE (9/16/2005): On a lark, I decided to try out Google’s new Blogsearch tool with this particular entry in mind. Thankfully, Google provides contextual snippets of the entry’s text. With a little work, you can practically get the full entry. Here’s Adam Saxton’s rudeness:

Work has gotten a lot better in the last week or two. One of the people on our team found a new job so that allowed us to really start focusing on what needed to get done. Our roadblocks within the team are finally gone from my perspective. I was actually contemplating about leaving the company because of that one individual mainly because that is not how a team should be. He made for one of the worst work environments i have ever seen.

Needless to say we really have a “team” now and it’s not one guy trying to run the whole show who has no idea what he’s doing. I won’t even go into what his code was like. Oh well. Life moves on. I know he is happy now, which is great. And so am I, which is also great. Time to really get to work.

After rereading it with the perspective of time and additional information about the work environment there since I left, his little rant is particularly ironic. The “one guy trying to run the whole show” wasn’t him, but that’s certainly changed. The “perspective” from which I was a “roadblock” was that I didn’t bend to his every whim. He was right about one thing: I am certainly happy now!]

[UPDATE 2: Oh and his little justification for pulling it—deciding “not to broadcast my life to the internet”—was clearly insincere since he’s had a blog up for awhile that offers lots of details.]


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