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More Apple Music Stuff

April 30, 2003

Yesterday I compared mp3 (192kbps) to AAC (192kpbs) to CD (???kbps) in an effort to decide whether I should re-rip my music collection. Through my tiny iPod ear buds, I couldn’t tell a difference between the AAC and CD versions of the songs. Amazingly, the mp3 sounded very different from the others—I never noticed how much crisper and more staccato they sound. Finally, I tested 128kbps and 192kbps versions of AAC encoding to see if there was a difference between those. To my ears (and on my admittedly low-end audio equipment), I couldn’t distinguish the two. Mind you, these were not double-blind tests but sufficient for my purposes. I decided that I should probably rip the CDs at 192 kbps just in case I ever need to play them on better equipment. I’ve gotten through about 10 or so CDs so far. I’m also putting on cover art using All Music Guide, which has excellent cover art and a broad selection.

In other iTunes Music Store news, there’s a lot of buzz around the Web over Apple’s announcements. What Do I Know analyzes the URLs of the store and discovers some very interesting things—like that you can directly access the XML of albums and artists! Elsewhere, 37Signals dissects the usability issues of the store and offers suggestions for improvement. Dave is his usual smarmy self regarding the announcement. Scoble parrots the Microsoft line. Finally, Chris Adamson dissects an actual AAC file to see what makes it tick, hopefully not violating the DMCA in the process! [UPDATE: Slashdot just posted an excellent review of the iTunes Music Store.] [FURTHER UPDATE: Long ≠ excellent. Upon reading the full review, I see that it is mostly a bunch of gripes. Well, the comments should be fairly decent at least.]

There’s more out there, but I don’t have time on my break to list it all.


iTunes 4 is out

April 28, 2003

You can download the new iTunes here. Also, iPod software update 1.3 is out.

Demo’ing iTunes Music Store

April 28, 2003

Jobs is demoing the iTunes Music Store and it is incredible. The layout and thoughtfulness is absolutely amazing and indescribable. Sorry, you should’ve seen it.

Apple Music Store

April 28, 2003

Bashing Napster, Kazaa (“Best not to mess with karma.”), PressPlay, and Rhapsody, Steve unveils the “acquire” portion of Apple‘s new “Acquire. Manage. Listen.” campaign to replace “Rip. Mix. Burn.”

Quoting Hunter S. Thompson (whoa!), he announces that he’s signed deals with all of the five major labels for a library of 200,000 tracksexpanding dailywith unlimited CD burns, unlimited number of iPods, play on a limit of three Macs (you can transfer registrations), and use in the iLife applications. All for 99 per track!

He’s now explaining the value proposition of the new service: reliable downloads (already doing QuickTime trailers), “pristine” encoding, free thirty-second previews (!), and album cover art (!). I’m not sure I’ll buy another CD again!

You can even browse and search the iTunes Music Store just like iTunes!

iTunes Update

April 28, 2003

iTunes 4.0 is out!

Added AAC decoding, Rendezvous support (!), DVD archiving, and album artwork (bummer Clutter).

iPod Software Update

April 28, 2003

Software-wise, they’ve added AAC decoding, on-the-go playlist, main menu personalization, alarm clock, and two new games (Solitaire and Parachute). Sweet!

iPod Update

April 28, 2003

Wow, Apple‘s sold 700,000 iPods.

He’s announcing third-generation iPods: 10GB (mine), 15GB, and 30GB. They’re thinner and lighter than two CDs! They’ve also got a new interface with four extra buttons (which are backlit) and a dock, which has a line out as well for playing on other audio. They’ve got FireWire and USB2.0 connections.

Four minutes late to start

April 28, 2003

I hope His Mercurialness wasn’t wrestling with demo bugs. Oh, now he’s on the stage.

Bleh, review of Apple’s achievements this year.

At the Apple Store Biltmore

April 28, 2003

Phew! Just made it to the Apple Store and I got a front-row seat. There’s probably 10 non-Apple Store employees here right now. I am so stoked about the Apple Music Event that I have been expecting. My friend Steve is at the other Apple Store

Moist Towlettes

April 27, 2003

Do you collect moist towlettes? If you do, you probably already know about Modern Moist Towlette Collecting. If you don’t, check out that site to find out why you should be collecting them, play an interactive game, or listen to the theme song.

Don’t forget to check out the exhibition gallery.