Go read the hilarious diary

Go read the hilarious diary of Grammy Watching from ESPN‘s The Sports Guy.

For those of you too lazy to go and read it yourself, here’s the highlights:

8:01—Dustin Hoffman wobbles out to introduce Simon and Garfunkel. Where does Rain Man end and Dustin Hoffman begin? Has anyone ever taken the time to figure this out? …

Norah’s destined for at least four Grammys tonight. She’s adorable. I’m not even making the requisite jokes about how she’s this year’s Nelly Furtado or Alicia Keys—in other words, in one ear, out the other—even though all the evidence suggests that she is. …

I wish I could come back in my next life as a sensitive guitarist who makes weird facial expressions—the world would be my oyster. Don’t you just hate these guys? They’re like those guys who can randomly sit down and play the piano at any bar — you just can’t compete with them under any circumstances.

(By the way, the Dixie Chicks are fascinating—none of them are overwhelmingly cute, but all of them keep your interest, give you different looks and keep you guessing. It’s the same dynamic that worked so well for Blair and Jo on “The Facts of Life”—you weren’t bowled over by them, but you also weren’t ready to write them off, either. …)

9:58—Oh, boy. More Robin Williams. Cut his mike. Pull the fire alarm. Anything.

This show has been a solid A-minus, although we desperately needed at least one “Wow, what a harlot!” moment with the usual suspects (Pink, Aguilera, Spears, Mariah, etc.). And where was a whacked-out Whitney Houston? Or a random Michael Jackson appearance? They should have told him that the youngest Culkin brother was coming, he might have shown up.

There you have it. Great commentary and an application of the powers of sportscasting to awards show reporting.


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