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I have had a busy

December 28, 2002

I have had a busy week, as has most everyone I’m sure. You may be thinking that atheism and Christmas don’t mix well, but they do when you’re an Objectivist.

So, anyhow, great Christmas. My wife got me an iPod, which is around $400 and well worth it. It’s already liberated me from my laptop, which liberated me from my desktop. I don’t know what could liberate me from my iPod, but I don’t know that I want to be. In related computer news, I got a TiBag—a messenger bag designed to hold PowerBook G4s. My wife thinks it looks gay, but she’s never seen all of the messenger-bag-toting heterosexuals at ASU and she doesn’t have to lug around a huge backpack.

I also got an electric razor that is very nice, ultra-convenient, and not as close as a razor. I don’t care, though, because I absolutely hate shaving and this makes it quick. I’ll shave twice as often to keep the facial hair off if it’s this easy.

I got a bunch of DVDs (Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness, L.A. Story, Das Boot, Fistful of Dollars, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Twister) and books (Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Flash MX in 24 Hours and Arizona: Then and Now).


Interesting and large gallery of

December 23, 2002

Interesting and large gallery of photos from Washington, D.C. from another LS: Lee Sandstead. There’s some stuff that you don’t normally see.

I was a big fan

December 21, 2002

I was a big fan of Trading Spaces on TLC until I read this story on Plastic. There’s also a great discussion at MetaFilter. Now I’m just a fan.

Suffice it to say, Trading Spaces is not all that it appears to be. It’s spawned a lawsuit (review of episode), requires a substantial crew, has made participants cry, and other big secrets.

Of course, there’s a drinking game.

[UPDATE (7/25/03): I found a site that links to a lot of articles and Web sites about Trading Spaces: Sir Linksalot.

This one’s for Sandi: the

December 20, 2002

This one’s for Sandi: the twins from The Amazing Race and a brief interview.

Tonight I saw Maid in

December 20, 2002

Tonight I saw Maid in Manhattan ( I was surprised at how much I liked it.

I’m not a fan of Jennifer Lopez, but not for any particular reason. I’ve never heard any of her music AFAIK and never seen any of her other moviesthough I wanted to see Angel Eyes and always thought she was an attractive Fly Girl. She is definitely a good actress and the story, written by John Hughes, travels familiar ground.

What interested me in particular was that Lopez’s character is adamant that she’s good enough for anyone, that she is not just some Puerto Rican maid but a person capable and worthy of love. I like that message and I think it easily could have tread the usual stereotypes and had Ralph Fiennes like Lopez in spite of her station. Instead, she makes a principled stand to her mother and he stands up to press and aide expectations. And nothing seemed forced or contrivedan amazing achievement in itself.

Plus, I really like Ralph Fiennes though I’ve only seen him in Quiz Show. Sandi paid me an exceedingly nice compliment in comparing his looks to my own. Ahh.

Someone at MIT installed a

December 20, 2002

Someone at MIT installed a sculpture with a duplex telephone link in a common area. You can call (617) 253-6237 and speak through the AgoraPhone to everyone within earshot. Want to vent, scream epithets against your mortal enemies, or try to duplicate those campus preachers? Here’s your chance.

Cool Apple kiosk in Japan.

December 14, 2002

Cool Apple kiosk in Japan.

Sorry for not posting yesterday,

December 14, 2002

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I took my wife on a romantic outing and blogging just didn’t fit into the picture. We stayed at my favorite hotel, The Buttes, but I didn’t get to use the in-room, high-speed Internet access if you get my drift.

We went to see Dralion by Cirque du Soleil. Anyone who knows my wife would have told me that I was taking a big gamble in surprising her by taking her to the circus, but I didn’t tell or ask anyone. The tickets were $65 apiece—so get the DVD if you want the experience less expensive—and I tried unsuccessfully to keep knowledge of that fact from her because she could validly think of a million better ways to spend $130. But I wanted to take her to something that she normally wouldn’t go to because I think that new experiences are valuable.

The show was absolutely amazing. She, predictably, hated the clowns. Words simply cannot describe the juggler. I’d try to review the acts but they were really unlike anything I’d ever seen. Some of the things they were doing acrobatically were far more impressive than anything I’ve ever seen in gymnastics; you have to wonder why these people aren’t gymnasts—perhaps the money’s not as good. They sure seem Olympic in ability.

Sherlock is Apple’s version of

December 12, 2002

Sherlock is Apple‘s version of Watson. Recently, Apple made the Sherlock SDK available and everyone’s wondering where all the newfangled channels are.

Enter Sherlockers. The site’s channel list looks awesome and I can’t wait for more. I just wish Sherlock was as good as Watson. Apple should have just licensed the technology. Oh well.

Whoa. This is simply unbelievable

December 12, 2002

Whoa. This is simply unbelievable and great. Great googly-moogly. Froogle=frugal.